Nursing Course
Nursing Course


Nursing Aspects in Managing Cancer Breast

- New trends in nursing management of pediatric oncology

- The role of family in care and follow up of cancer in children

- Psychosocial aspects in nursing the pediatric oncology patients and their care giver

- Infection as critical condition in care of pediatric cancer patients

- Improve safety and quality of care of pediatric oncology patients

- Nursing management of pediatric patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy

- Efficacy of orthopod venoms against cancer - Biodegradable nano polymer drug carriers for cancer therapy

- Attitude , stress ors and coping pattens of family care givers towards cancer in children

- The value of health education for pediatric oncology patients and their families

- Pain management in cancer patients : the role of pediatric nurse

- Nursing management of common cancer related complications and it is therapy

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