Pharmacy Course
Pharmacy Course



*Clinical pharmacy :

-Infectious diseases in oncology

-Overcoming barriers for cancer pain control.

-Overcoming barriers for cancer pain control.

-Immunotherapy symptoms management.

*Clinical pharmacy workshop.

*Drug discovery :

-Inducing MDM2 degradation as an anticancer strategy.

-Imidazolo (2',1':2,3) thiazolo (4,5-d)pyridazin analogues as New Scaffold of DHFR Inhibitors:

-Synthesis, Antitumor Evaluation and Molecular Modeling study.

-A new perspective for the modulation Estrogenic /Anti estrogenic properties of the anticancer drug Tamoxifen.

-Novel Non-Cyclooxygenase Inhibitory Derivatives of Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) for Colorectal Cancer Chemoprevention.

-Novel Chemotherapy as Potent Targeted Antiangiogenic Agents: Molecular Design, Synthesis and in vitro Biological Activity.



-Nutrition education for prophylaxis.

-Natural medicine / myth or way of healthy living.

-Nutrition & cancer beyond feeding.

*Precision Medicine

-Gene therapy &cancer cells drug targeting: killing two birds with stone.

-Pharmacogenetics of drugs withdrawn from the market.

* Biosimilars

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