BGICC 2021 Video
BGICC 2021 Video


Keynote lecture

11:00 - 11:35 Future Persepective of Cancer Immunetherapy Prof. Tasuku Honjo Video

Opening Plenary Session I
Challenging the Impossible

12:00 - 12:20 Challenging in Oncology Management during COVID-19 era and its Vaccination Prof. Matti Aapro Video
12:20 - 12:40 PD-L1/TILs/TMB in Immunotherapy Prof. Frederique PENAULT –LLORCA Video
12:40 - 13:00 Cancer Immunetherapy : Unlocking a new era for unresectable HCC Prof. Peter Galle  Video
13:40 - 14:00 IO in Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer :Be Careful Prof. Joseph Gligorov Video

Plenary Session II
Management of Luminal Breast Cancer: Meet the Giants
(Interactive Discussion)

15:00 - 15:20 Important lessons from TAILORX, MINDACT and RX-PONDER: Prof. Martine Piccart Video
15:20 - 15:40 Predicting prognosis and benefit from CDK4/6 inhibitors in breast cancer using
biology-based data
Prof. Alex Prat Video
15:40 - 16:00 Emerging evidence on the role of CDK4/6 inhibitors in early BC Prof. Valentina Gueraneri Video
16:00 - 16:20 Treatment decision making in first line metastatic ER+/Her2- BC Prof. Fatima Cordoso Video
16:20 - 16:40 The best sequence of endocrine treatment in metastatic luminal Breast Cancer:
solving the puzzle
Prof. Hope Rugo Video
16:40 - 17:00 Is Chemotherapy only a treatment of last resort in Luminal BC Prof. David Cameron Video
18:00 - 19:00 Novartis Sponsored Lecture Main Hall Video
19:30 – 19:45 IO better Prof. Edith Perez Video
19:45 – 20:00 PARP inhibitors better Prof. Sana Al-Sukhun Video
19:00 - 19:25 MSD Symposium   Video
08:00 - 09:00 Proffered Paper oral presentations   Video
09:20 - 09:40 What is best approach for TNBC patient after achieving pCR Prof. Marwan Ghosn (Lebanon ) Video
09:40 - 10:00 What is best approach for TNBC patient didn’t achieve pCR Prof. Alaa Kandil Video
10:00 - 10:20 Escalation and Descalation in neoadjuvant TTT OF TNBC Prof. Hesham Elghazaly Video
10:20 - 10:40 Real Case Presentation & Interactive Live Discussion with Speakers & Panelists Dr. Khaled Abdel Aziz Video
10:40 - 11:00 BRCA Mutation in metastatic TNBC Patient Prof. Nagi Elsaghier Video
11:20 - 11:40 Treatment of metastatic TNBC Prof. Guissepe Curligiano Video
11:40 - 12:00 Real Case Presentation & Interactive Live Discussion with Speakers & Panelists

Dr. Emad Shash

12:30 - 13:00 MSD Symposium IO+IO Changing in landscape of 1L NSCLC Management   Video
13:00 – 14:00

Percision Medicine - Optimizing the Patients Treatment

Plan by genomic profiling & Molecular

Tumor Board Roche Foundation Medicine Symposium

14:00 – 14:20 Pfizer Symposium   Video
14:40 – 15:00 Takeda Symposium   Video
15:00 – 15:15 Her2 Low Breast Cancer Prof. Pierfranco Conte Video
15:15-15:30 Management of Her2 + ve EBC patients Prof. Javier Cortes Video
15:30-15:45 Management of patients after adjuvant Truztuzumab and pertuzumab Prof. Edith Perez Video
15:45-16:00 Updates in Her2 +ve target therapy in advanced breast cancer Prof. Sandra Swain Video
16:00 – 16:25 Interactive Discussion with all the speakers & panelists Prof. Mohamed Farouk Video
16:30-16:50 Management of axilla after neo-adjuvant treatment Prof. Monica Morrow Video
16:50-17:05 Management of breast recurrences Prof. Mehra Golshan Video
17:05-17:20 Systemic Management of leptomeningeal metastasis :Is therea solution for this
major Challenge
Prof. Joseph Gligorov Video
17:20-17:35 Re-Irradiation in Breast Cancer Prof. Philip Poortmans Video
17:35 -17:55 Real Case Presentation & Interactive Live Discussion with Speakers & Panelists Dr. Ahmed Magdy Video


Gyneacological Oncology Session-I

1400 – 14:20 GTN: ISSTD Perspective Prof. Ninke van Trommel Video
14:20 – 14:40 Pathology OF GTN: Overview Prof. Baljeet Kaur Video
14:40 – 15:00 Surgical Management of GTN Prof Christian Lok Video
15:00 – 15:30 Case Presentations Prof. Reda Hemida Video

Gyneacological Oncology Session-II

16:20 – 16:40 Controversies of management of stage IB to IIB Cervix cancer Prof. Philippe Morice Video
16:40 – 17:00 Extraperitoneal Lymphadenectomy Approach: Pros and Cons Prof. Cherif Akladios Video
17:00 – 17:20 ERAS In Gynaecological Oncology, From Developed to Developing Countries Prof. Geetu Bhandoria Video
17:20 – 17:40 Lessons and Mistakes on Implication of International Guidelines Nationally,
10 Years Jour-ney
Prof. Basel Refky Video
17:40 – 18:00 Discussion   Video

Gyneacological Oncology Session-III 

18:00 – 18:20 HIPEC In Ovarian Cancer: The Need For OVHIPEC 2 Prof. Willemien J. van Driel Video
18:20 – 18:40 London Covid-19 Gynaecological Cancer Hub Prof. Thomas Ind Video
18:40 – 19:00 FIGO Ia1 Cervical Cancer: Overview Prof. Raj Naik Video
19:00 – 19:20 Updates on Criteria for Patient Selection And Surgical Management In Advanced
Ovarian Cancer
Prof. Pedro Ramirez Video
19:20 – 19:40 Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy In High Tumour Load Ovarian Cancer; More Evidence Prof. Anna Fagotti Video
19:40 – 20:00 Discussion   Video


Gyneacological Oncology Session-IV

09:00 – 09:20 Ovarian Tumours in Children & Young Adults Prof. El-Said Abdel-Hady Video
09:20 – 09:40 New Developments in Regulation of The Tumour Microenvironment Prof. Hani Gabra Video
09:40 – 10:00 Quality of Life in Gynaecological Oncology Prof. Larissa Meyer Video
10:00 – 10:20 Progress & Challenges of Gynaecological Cancer Services in Egypt Prof. Ahmed Sekotory Video
10:20 – 10:40 Para-Aortic Lymphadenectomy: Indications and Challenges Prof. Thomas Ind Video
10:40 – 11:00 Molecular Drivers of Minimal residual Disease in Ovarian Cancer Prof. Ahmed Ashour Video
11:00 – 11:20 Evolving medical treatment in advanced / recurrent endometrial cancer Prof. Robert Coleman Video
11:20 – 11:40 Discussion   Video


Gyneacological Oncology Session-V

13:00 – 13:20 LEER For Pelvic Side-Wall Cervical Cancer Recurrence: Video Prof. Raj Naik Video
13:20 – 13:40 HIPEC in Ovarian Cancer: Single Centre Experience; NCI; Cairo Prof. Ahmed Mostafa Video
13:40 – 14:00 Current treatment standards for primary ovarian cancer Prof. Robert Coleman Video
14:00 – 14:20 Minimally Invasive Inguinal Lymph Node Dissection Prof. Hisham Abdel Mageed Video
14:20 – 14:40 Cervical Cancer Screening and WHO Elimination Program: Where we go? Prof. Murat Gultekin Video
14:40 – 15:00 The clinical impact of molecular classification of endometrial cancer Prof. Ahmed Elbalat Video
15:00 – 15:20 Cervical cancer surgery: unsolved issues, potential clinical trials Prof. Dennis Quelru Video
15:20 – 15:40 RACC Trial: Expectations Prof. Mario De Leitao Video
15:40 – 16:00 Discussion & Closure   Video


 Gynaecological Cancer Radiation-Oncology Session

17:25-17:50 Powerful Radiotherapy weapons in Egypt: A dream came true Prof. Yousry Rostom Video
17:50-18:15 IMRT versus Brachytherapy boost in gynecological cancer treatment Prof. Roberto Orecchia Video
18:15-18:40 Challenges in IMRT of pelvic tumors Prof. Sabbah Ibrahiem Hammoury Video
18:40-19:05 NEMROCK HDR brachytherapy unit: highlights on first 2 years of Gynecology brachytherapy Prof. Moustafa El Daly Video


Breast Cancer Radiation-Oncology session

14:00-14:25 Postmastectomy radiation therapy in the era of SSM-NSM with immediate breast reconstruction Prof. Philip Poortmans Video
14:25-14:50 Variability in target volumes and organ at risk contouring in breast cancer radiation treatment Prof. Roberto Orecchia Video
14:50-15:15 Pattern of local recurrence post radiotherapy: Ain shams Breast cancer unit experience Prof. Mohamed Sabry Video
15:15-15:40 Older women with breast cancer: when can we break the radiation therapy standards? Prof. Roberto Orecchia Video
15:40-16:00 Tricks in breast cancer radiotherapy, a case presentation Dr. Ahmed Sohaib Video
16:00-16:20 Special radiation toxicity for Rt breast irradiation, a case presentation Dr. Mohamed Haiba Video


Professor. Laszlo Tabar

14:15 – 14:45 Breast Cancer Screening Controversies Prof. Laszlo Tabar Video
14:45 -15:15 Algorithms for classification of breast diseases according to their site of origin Prof. Laszlo Tabar Video
15:15 – 15:30 Discussion   Video


Professor. Laure Fournier


15:45 – 16:15 Imaging of the Endometrial and Cervical Carcinomas Prof. Laure Fournier Video
16:15 – 16:45 O-RADS in the assessment of Ovarian Cancer    Prof. Laure Fournier Video
16:45 – 17:15 Film Reading Session  Prof. Heba Hassan Video

Professor. Jean Seely

17:00 – 17:30 Missed Breast Cancer; the impact of Bias Prof. Jean Seely Video
17:30 – 18:00 The impact of breast tissue density on the diagnosis of breast cancer Prof. Jean Seely Video
18:00 – 18:30 Film Reading Session Dr. Iman Faker
Dr. Iman Ewais
18: 30 – 18:45 Discussion   Video


Professor Gilda Cardinosa


19:00 – 19:30 Parenchymal asymmetries: definition, evaluation and management Prof. Gilda Cardinosa Video
19:30 – 20:00 The probably benign lesion: definition, evaluation and management Prof. Gilda Cardinosa Video
20: 00 – 20:15 Discussion   Video


22nd 22nd JANUARY FRIDAY Professor Supriya Kulkarni Video


Professor Shilpa Lad

22nd 22nd JANUARY FRIDAY Professor Shilpa Lad Video
16:15 – 16:45 Mammogram and Artificial Intelligence; an overview of Kasr Al Aini’s experience Video


Prof Jessica Leung

17:15 – 17:45 Nodal staging in breast cancer Video
17:45 – 18:15 Imaging of neo adjuvant therapy in breast cancer treatment Video
18:15 – 18:30 Discussion Video


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