Radiation- Oncology Course 2021
Radiation- Oncology Course 2021



Breast Radiation Therapy:

• Between high-tech and biology: how to exploit new delivery techniques to avoid toxicity

• New Trends in Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer.

• Challenging cases in the Radiation Therapy of breast cancer

• The optimal sequence in the treatment of breast cancer: is there a role for preoperative Radiation Therapy ?

• CyberKnife in breast cancer.

• Regional nodal irradiation: who might benefit most? Gaynecological Radiation Therapy ;

• Volumetric brachytherapy for Gynaecological malignancies

• Do we need adjuvant vaginal vault brachytherapy for endometrial cancer? Yes or No

• Stereotactic body Radiation Therapy in gynecological malignances.

• The potential role of particle therapy in gynaecological cancers.

• Radiotherapy prespective in locally advanced cancer cervix

Gaynecological Brachtherapy ESTRO-Falcon Radiotherapy Hands-On Workshop

• Target volume delineation for Gynaecological tumors

• Plan optimization and acceptance

• Two practical cases

Lung ESTRO-Falcon Radiation Therapy Hands -On Workshop



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